Update from Ndalani

Our days continue to be very full and very hot! We are enjoying the Kenyan meals from our cook, Susan, and her helpers who claim that “magic” is created in her kitchen.  Our clinic was slower yesterday but allowed some down time for the team in this very hot weather.

Trying to maneuver the Kenyan medical system to get help for our 20-year-old patient, Ben, who has severe flesh disease of his hand and is in need of surgery has been a challenge. We expect his surgery was performed yesterday,  if the hospital referred his case to a specialist. But nothing moves forward until money is available in his account, so we are trying to maneuver all this as we have some funds available in Canada from our fundraising event but it takes a long time to wire it here. Today, we are hoping to get the money and send it to his hospital account.

Last night the team had devotions with the little kids. As a team, we sang with the kids, teaching them some action songs. The children loved it. Today, the karate team heads to Nairobi for a tournament.

We see God’s hand at work as we continue to serve and participate in life here at MCF.

Future doctor?
Beautiful Kenyan baby.
Chill time with the team and our hosts. A rousing game of spoons!
One of our patients. We were heading into town while she was walking home with still some distance to go. She was happy for the ride.


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