Chapati and prayers

Yesterday, we all had a chance to make chapati with the MCF children. The dough was made, but we learned to roll it and cook it. Eating it was the best part. The plan was to make approximately 1600 of them, two for each of the children plus some to share and taste along the way. They were at the task for many hours in a very hot kitchen.

We had evening devotions with the older kids and together spent time praying for a member of MCF who experienced the loss of their baby. To hear these kids pray together is an experience we will never forget. Again we were blessed by their music. We could sing along with them as they sang “Bless the Lord, O My Soul” — an amazing way to end our day.

Our patient, Ben, has not had surgery yet. He was referred to a specialist but until fees are paid nothing happens. We were able to transfer 26,610 Kenyan shillings yesterday to his account, and are trusting he will have his surgery by end of day tomorrow.

Today, we will spend the day at MCF Yatta.

Kids hanging out in the kitchen while chapati was made:

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