Last day

img_7866.jpgYesterday was the last day of our medical clinic. How time flies! We saw over 1100 patients. Our young patient, Ben, had his surgery Sunday and doctors were able to save his hand. Tomorrow, as we head to Nairobi, we will pay the remainder of his medical bill and get a chance to see him. We see how God has worked to heal his hand (from a medical perspective he should have lost his hand and the case was severe enough that he could have lost his life).

The acrobat, karate and dance teams performed for us, and we were able to hear the mission choir sing one more time. The talents and abilities of these children has amazed us all and reminds us of why MCF exists: to give hope to these children who otherwise had no hope. Each one has their own story and each story that was shared touched our hearts. We will leave here changed people.

We also had some time with Mama Esther, giving out little dresses that were hand made and donated to the team to bring to MCF. The little girls had such fun trying them on and finding one that fit. They were very pleased to have a new dress.img_7868

Today, we will leave MCF, our mission complete. Here at MCF, they don’t say goodbye, but “see you later”, we just don’t know if later will be here on earth or one day in heaven. The staff have taken great care of us and we will miss our new friends.

Team Tumikia has served well and we have been blessed beyond what we could have imagined!

The pharmacy could be the craziest place.

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