Travelling to Nairobi

This morning several of our team members hiked up Mulli Mountain. It was quite a strenuous 2-hour hike with several making it to the very top. The sunrise was beautiful.

Once breakfast was done, we went to visit a nearby village where MCF has made connections with families in need. We met Thomas and his wife, Naomi, and 2 of their 6 children. We gifted them with a pair of goats and a bundle of food provisions. We encouraged them and prayed with them. Their daughter attends a local public school and is sponsored by MCF. She walks 1.5 hours each way to attend school and is doing well in her studies.

As we headed to Nairobi, we stopped to see Ben and settle his hospital bill. Ben is doing well. Both he and his family are very grateful for our support.

We have settled in a guesthouse in Nairobi for the night. It’s been a long day and the traffic in Nairobi a whole new experience.

Top left: The village.
Bottom left: Unloading the goats. The goats were our travel mates under the bus.

3 thoughts on “Travelling to Nairobi

  1. So good to read about your experiences and adventures! God has used you to bless the folks at MCF and in turn, you have been blessed. May you remember your time at MCF with fond memories and continue to keep them in your prayers. Safe travele home.


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