Our patient Ben and his family. He is so much better than the day we sent him to the hospital. The family is very grateful.
Hiking on Mully Mountain.
The morning hikers.


Travelling to Nairobi

This morning several of our team members hiked up Mulli Mountain. It was quite a strenuous 2-hour hike with several making it to the very top. The sunrise was beautiful.

Once breakfast was done, we went to visit a nearby village where MCF has made connections with families in need. We met Thomas and his wife, Naomi, and 2 of their 6 children. We gifted them with a pair of goats and a bundle of food provisions. We encouraged them and prayed with them. Their daughter attends a local public school and is sponsored by MCF. She walks 1.5 hours each way to attend school and is doing well in her studies.

As we headed to Nairobi, we stopped to see Ben and settle his hospital bill. Ben is doing well. Both he and his family are very grateful for our support.

We have settled in a guesthouse in Nairobi for the night. It’s been a long day and the traffic in Nairobi a whole new experience.

Top left: The village.
Bottom left: Unloading the goats. The goats were our travel mates under the bus.

Last day

img_7866.jpgYesterday was the last day of our medical clinic. How time flies! We saw over 1100 patients. Our young patient, Ben, had his surgery Sunday and doctors were able to save his hand. Tomorrow, as we head to Nairobi, we will pay the remainder of his medical bill and get a chance to see him. We see how God has worked to heal his hand (from a medical perspective he should have lost his hand and the case was severe enough that he could have lost his life).

The acrobat, karate and dance teams performed for us, and we were able to hear the mission choir sing one more time. The talents and abilities of these children has amazed us all and reminds us of why MCF exists: to give hope to these children who otherwise had no hope. Each one has their own story and each story that was shared touched our hearts. We will leave here changed people.

We also had some time with Mama Esther, giving out little dresses that were hand made and donated to the team to bring to MCF. The little girls had such fun trying them on and finding one that fit. They were very pleased to have a new dress.img_7868

Today, we will leave MCF, our mission complete. Here at MCF, they don’t say goodbye, but “see you later”, we just don’t know if later will be here on earth or one day in heaven. The staff have taken great care of us and we will miss our new friends.

Team Tumikia has served well and we have been blessed beyond what we could have imagined!

The pharmacy could be the craziest place.

MCF Yatta

Yesterday, we spent the day at MCF Yatta.  We came away with a greater understanding of the current sustainability program MCF manages and future projects to create their own income which, in turn, supports the needs of the children. Their work in the areas of agriculture, climate control, and water management is truly amazing.

We had the opportunity to meet and hear personal stories from four of the girls who have been rescued with their babies and are currently in the technical program learning trades such as hairdressing, cosmology, massage, tailoring, dress design and knitting. Their stories touched our hearts; tears flowed as we listened and understood the challenges they faced. We also witnessed their love for the Lord Jesus and how much they trusted that He will continue to walk with them into their future, a future filled with hope. They expressed such gratitude for MCF and for Daddy and Mommy Mulli, their lives forever having been changed.

Of course, we held beautiful, precious babies whenever we could.

Chapati and prayers

Yesterday, we all had a chance to make chapati with the MCF children. The dough was made, but we learned to roll it and cook it. Eating it was the best part. The plan was to make approximately 1600 of them, two for each of the children plus some to share and taste along the way. They were at the task for many hours in a very hot kitchen.

We had evening devotions with the older kids and together spent time praying for a member of MCF who experienced the loss of their baby. To hear these kids pray together is an experience we will never forget. Again we were blessed by their music. We could sing along with them as they sang “Bless the Lord, O My Soul” — an amazing way to end our day.

Our patient, Ben, has not had surgery yet. He was referred to a specialist but until fees are paid nothing happens. We were able to transfer 26,610 Kenyan shillings yesterday to his account, and are trusting he will have his surgery by end of day tomorrow.

Today, we will spend the day at MCF Yatta.

Kids hanging out in the kitchen while chapati was made:

Update from Ndalani

Our days continue to be very full and very hot! We are enjoying the Kenyan meals from our cook, Susan, and her helpers who claim that “magic” is created in her kitchen.  Our clinic was slower yesterday but allowed some down time for the team in this very hot weather.

Trying to maneuver the Kenyan medical system to get help for our 20-year-old patient, Ben, who has severe flesh disease of his hand and is in need of surgery has been a challenge. We expect his surgery was performed yesterday,  if the hospital referred his case to a specialist. But nothing moves forward until money is available in his account, so we are trying to maneuver all this as we have some funds available in Canada from our fundraising event but it takes a long time to wire it here. Today, we are hoping to get the money and send it to his hospital account.

Last night the team had devotions with the little kids. As a team, we sang with the kids, teaching them some action songs. The children loved it. Today, the karate team heads to Nairobi for a tournament.

We see God’s hand at work as we continue to serve and participate in life here at MCF.

Future doctor?
Beautiful Kenyan baby.
Chill time with the team and our hosts. A rousing game of spoons!
One of our patients. We were heading into town while she was walking home with still some distance to go. She was happy for the ride.


We’re here!


We arrived safely after a very long day of travel and all our luggage arrived with us! The customs process was relatively smooth and the paperwork we needed was provided by MCF staff when we arrived. Praise God!


Our orientation at the Ndalani location is completed and have been awed by how God has continued to work here. We were able to spend time with the children over the last couple days and had our first half day of clinic today, seeing 143 of the children who call MCF home.

Tomorrow is our first clinic day with the local community residents!


We’re off!

We’re currently about a third of the way into our twenty four hour journey to Kenya. Please continue to pray that our medical supplies along with the rest of our luggage keeps up with us and arrives in Kenya when we do.